Documentary requirements : Official Receipt of fees

Fees :

Birth Certificate P. 50.00
Medical Certificate P. 50.00
Medico-legal P. 150.00
Death Certificate P. 50.00
NO. Follow These Steps Time Will Attend to you Person Responsible
1. Issuance of different Certificate. 10 min. Doctor’s on Duty
a. Get priority no. at CHO security guard Guard on duty
b. Retrieval of ITR Admission
c. Taking of vital sign
d. Distribute the ITR to doctor Admission
2. Medico Legal Certtificate 15 min. Perla Sumbi
a. Blotter request (PNP)
b. Get priority no. at CHO security guard
c. Admission/Retrieval of ITR Admission
d. Distribution the ITR to doctor
e. Proceed to doctors for examination
3. Medical Certificate 5 min. Sernal/Ligan/Medina
a. Employment
b. School requirement
c. Maternal leave
d. Sick leave
4. Death Certificate 5 min. Daisy Medina
a. Barangay Certificate verified by the barangay midwife.
5. Birth Certificate 5 min. Perla Sumbi
a. Interview parent if marrried or not married.
b. If not acknowledgement of the father
c. Single parent