balay kauswagan

Balay Kauswagan

Balay kauswagan, the fastly becoming convention center of Northern Negros symbolizes the
commitment of the City Government of Sagay through the leadership of former Mayor and
Late Governor. Joseph G. Marañon and the late former Mayor. Fortunato S. Javelosa, in the
Total development of its people .

This center is the venue for seminars, skills training, exhibits, trade fair, etc. through these
Activities, it is hoped that the physical, social, cultural, political, and spiritual aspects of a
Man will be enhanced and attain its full potential. The first and only of its kind, Balay Kauswagan

Will not only serve Sagaynon but people of Northern Negros as well.

Balay Kauswagan is also a showcase of Sagaynon’s key attraction like marine sanctuary,
Its beautiful flora and fauna, food and handicrafts through paintings and art objects
That decorate the center.

Balay kauswagan which means “house of progress” is Sagay City’s major accommodation
Center owned by the City Government of Sagay. The center is a convenient venue for seminars,
Skills trainings, exhibits, trade fairs and social gathering such as birth days wedding and other
Occasions. It has also a kiddie and a mini-olympic size pools. It is also showcases Sagay’s key
Attractions like the marine sanctuary, its beautiful flora and fauna, food and handicrafts
Through paintings and art objects that decorate the center.

Whole Ground Floor Php. 14,000.000
4 Function Room Php. 3,000.00/room
1 Conference Room Php. 2,000.00
1 Social Room Php. 4,000.00
20 Private Rooms (2 Persons) Php. 800,00/room
4 Family Rooms (5 Persons) Php. 1,800.00/room
2 Dormitory (Male & Female) Php. 200,00/persons
Php. 200,00/persons Php. 200,00/ extrabed
1 mini Olympic/Big Pool (entrance) Php. 70.00/person
1 Kiddie /Small Pool (entrance) Php. 70.00/person
Big Poll (Exclusive)
Whole day Php. 5,000.00
Half day (max. 5hrs) Php. 2,000.00
Small Pool (Exclusive)
Whole Day Php 3,000.00
Half Day (max 5hrs) Php. 1,500.00
Multimedia Php. 1,000.00/8hrs
Sounds Php. 500.00/8hr.
Internet café Php. 30.00/hr.
Nipa Hut Php. 150.00/8hr
Nipa Shed Php. 50.00/8hr