Barangay Fabrica was once a thick forested place before Insular Lumber Company (ILCO) came to existence. Sometimes in 1907, a team of American foresters visited the place and discovered the possibilities of putting-up a lumber sawmill due to the existence of centuries old trees abounding the place and the adjacent localities.

A sawmill was constructed, cutting down of trees soon begun which subsequently processed into different lumber products. When the mill was in full operation many Americans started coming-in and more workers were employed in the mill. A decade later, the place became habitable and a new progressive community was born. The lumber sawmill was named Insular Lumber Company, an American company which produced and export high quality grade of lumber/wood products.

The name FABRICA refers to lumber factory or sawmill. It was told, that when a group of visiting Americans/ Europeans asked about the place the local residents just answered “Pabrica” referring to the mill itself (not knowing exactly what was being asked). However, with their American accent instead of Pabrica they pronounced it “FABRICA” since then the place bears that name.

For the past 70 years, ILCO employees enjoyed the good life. However, with the scarcity of timber/logs in the later years of its operation, the factory was closed and was transferred to the Municipality of Hinoba-an sometime in 1975. Life then became difficult and the once progressive community became a depressed barangay.

After decades of economic struggle Barangay Fabrica emerged triumphantly in recovering her economy. With the help of the Sagay City government, Fabrica is now a fast growing barangay in terms of socio-economic development.



Barangay Fabrica lies in the Northern part of Negros Occidental and served as the highway boundary between Cadiz City and the City of Sagay. It is 9.0 kilometers away from Sagay City proper and about 74 kilometers from the Provincial capital of Bacolod City. The barangay proper has an elevation of 10 meters above sea level as per record of NAMRIA.

It is bounded on the North by Barangay Paraiso and Part of Barangay Himoga-an Baybay; on the East by Barangay Malubon and Barangay Tadlong; on the West by Barangay Cabahug of Cadiz City and on the South by part of Barangay Cabahug of Cadiz City and Barangay Tadlong of Sagay City.


Barangay Fabrica has a total land area of 573.0200 hectares. Based on the latest Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) of Sagay City for the period of 2006 to 2015. The land area are classified as follows, in hectares, to wit;

Residential 73.9888 Hectares
Commercial 3.5000 Hectares
Agricultural 421.4845 Hectares
Institutional 3.8350 Hectares
Light Industrial 5.0000 Hectares
Timberland 8.0000 Hectares
Socialized Housing 9.0000 Hectares
Parks, Open Space &/Easement 48.2117 Hectares

Type of Soil:

Manapla-Bago Loam and Guimbala-on Clay


Sagay City has a tropical climate with season not very pronounced, relatively dry from November to April and wet during the rest of the year.

Political Boundaries:

Barangay Fabrica comprises of seventeen (17) Puroks namely:

1. Purok San Juan 10. Purok Malipayon
2. Purok Pag-asa 11. Purok United
3. Purok Sto. Niño 12. Purok Leonora
4. Purok Paghida-et 13. Purok Paghili-usa
5. Purok River Hillside 14. Purok GLES
6. Purok Mahigugma-on 15. Purok Katilingban
7. Purok Mabuhay 16. Purok Demokrasy
8. Purok Israel 17. Purok Tophills
9. Purok Freedom



Based on the Census Population conducted by Philippine Statistic Authority (formerly NSO) Barangay Fabrica has a total population, as follows, to wit;

Census Year Census Reference Date Population
2015 August 1, 2015 4,965
2010 May 1, 2010 4,962

Population Density:

Per computation as of latest Census Population the population density of Barangay Fabrica is 8.57 persons/hectare or 857 persons/square kilometer.

Registered Voters:

Barangay Fabrica has a total registered voters of 2,844, with sixteen (16) precinct numbers as of July 30, 2016 per record of Commission on Elections (COMELEC) Sagay City.


Population is predominantly Roman Catholic interspersed with small group of other sects such as Iglesia ni Kristo, Evangelical Church, Protestant church, Seventh-Day Adventist, Born Again, Pentecostal and Baptists.


Barangay Fabrica celebrates its annual fiesta in honor of their Patron Saint Nuestra Sra. De Salvacion every 19th of December. The fiesta is celebrated for three (3) consecutive days. Their main attraction is the cultural presentation which includes street dancing, beauty pageant and sports activities.
Barangay Fabrica also celebrates “ADLAW sa SUBA” yearly in partnership with Sagay City Officials, Sagay City Tourism, Barangay Paraiso, Barangay Himoga-an Baybay and Barangay Old Sagay. It is a day dedicated to raising awareness in protecting the highly-regarded Himoga-an River with its slogan: I love Himoga-an River, “Sagay City Nature’s Paradise.


Principal dialect is Ilonggo, however the populace are able to speak Tagalog, Cebuano and English are used as business language.

Labor and Employment:

The bulk of labor force is employed in the Sugar Industry (both in the sugar mill and in the cane fields), others are engaged in various entrepreneurial activities and those with Bachelor of Science degree are practicing their respective profession.


Barangay Fabrica is an urban barangay. It is located along the National Highway. One major attraction in this place is the “River CRUISE” it is a joint project of Sagay City Tourism and four (4) Barangays of Sagay City namely: Paraiso, Fabrica, Himoga-an Baybay and Old Sagay. The cruise begins in Barangay Mini Wharf at Purok River Hillside where the passengers are being ushered to the canopied deck of the river boat anchored near the bridge on the National Highway. From there the vessel takes the passengers on a two (2) hours pleasure voyage downstream to where the river empties into the sea about 15 kilometers away going to Barangay Old Sagay.
The Mini Wharf is a miniature place where the river boat for River Cruise docks. It was established for the purpose of river cruise and to provide a place for small businesses for the community and Mini Boulevard for the people to rest and enjoy the scenery.
Other attraction in this place are the Barangay Tree Park and Gulayan sa Barangay. It was established in the year 1997 and in the year 2004, respectively. Barangay Tree Park and Nursery were maintained by the Barangay Council under the leadership of the current Punong Barangay. It is located at the back portion of Barangay Hall containing an area of one (1) hectare , more or less with 300 planted trees. As of now the site became a little jungle, good for picnic or gathering area. Thru the consent of DENR Cadiz City the Tree Park was developed for the Vision of “ ONWARD FABRICA FOR A GREENER AND CLEANER ENVIRONMENT”.
Gulayan sa Barangay was established through the iniative of Association of Purok Presidents, Barangay Council, SK Officials, Barangay Health Workers, Day Care Workers, Barangay Nutrition Scholars, Barangay Tanods and other Private Sectors under the leadership of current Punong Barangay. The purpose of this program is to acquire different kinds of green and leafy vegetables including several herbal and medicinal plants that is available for the consumption of the community. The “ Gulayan Sa Barangay” is now one of the proudest tourist destination of the Barangay.
Record showed at NEGOSYO CENTER (One Stop Shop Office ) of Sagay City, Barangay Fabrica has a total of thirty eight (38) approved business license permits for the year 2016. There are ten (10) Sari-Sari Stores Retailers, five (5) Internet Cafés Services, two (2) Labor Contractors Services, two (2) Trucking Services, two (2) Lumber Dealers, one (1) Printing & Graphics Service, one (1) Marketing & Construction Dealer, one (1) Motor Parts Accessories Dealer, one (1) Electronic Repair Shop Service, one (1) Forwarding Service, one (1) Fashion Accessories Retailer, , one (1) Lumber & General Merchandising Dealer, one (1) Piggery Producer, one (1) Snack House Service, one (1) Rice & Corn Retailer, one (1) Rice & Groceries Retailer, one (1) Sorbete (Ice Cream) Dealer, one (1) Tours & Convention Ticketing Service, one (1) Water Refilling Retailer, one (1) Crushing Plant Travelers Inn Service, one (1) Junkshop (Softdrinks) Dealer and one (1) Carwash Services. A great percentage of Fabrica economy relies on the sugar industry, It is augmented by other agricultural products and various commercial business.

Barangay Income and Expenditures for the Past Five years

Year Income (pesos) Expenditures (pesos)
2012 2,589,308.88 2,674,850.43
2013 2,694,877.66 2,848,033.78
2014 3,025,341.28 2,938,303.74
2015 3,473,122.19 3,283,927.07
2016 3,762,199.61 3,848,854.67


Barangay Fabrica has two (2) Public Elementary schools. Per record of Department of Education, Division of Sagay, the total enrollees, as of school year 2016-2017, as follows, to wit;

  • Gil Lopez Elementary School has a total enrollees of 1,135 students. Preparatory level has 79 students and Elementary level has 1056 students.
  • Fabrica Elementary School has a total enrollees of 120 students. Preparatory level 9 students and Elementary level has 111 students.


Barangay Fabrica has one (1) Health Center manned by one (1) Registered Midwife, eighteen (18) Barangay Health Workers, one (1) Barangay Nutrition Scholar and three (3) Day Care Centers for the kids.
Day Care Service Program is basically a child welfare program, manned by a trained Day Care Teachers under the supervision of the Department of Social and Development (DSWD). It provides the pre-school children ages 4 to 6 years old the opportunities for physical, moral and mental development in a supervised setting.

The centers provide immediate medical assistance to minor ailments and also monitor the weight and nutritional status of pre-school children. Its trained BNS and BHWs help promote health care services to the community concerned through its Mother’s Class, Health & Nutrition Education Program.


Fabricanians are sports minded people, as manifested by their fourteen (14) playgrounds (including basketball covered court, open basketball courts, volleyball courts, tree parks and flower garden) and there are four (4) licensed Internet café’s.


Transportation :

Local mode of transportation within the barangay is by means of tricycle and trisikad. There is an available footwalk in every purok that help the residents commute in and out with convenience. The barangay can be reached by means of buses, jeepneys and tricycles.

Power Supply :

NONECO provides electrical power supply to barangay Fabrica and the whole of Sagay area.

Water Supply :

Sources of water supply in the barangay comes from Sagay Water District, which provides safe drinking water. Barangay Fabrica Water System are artesian wells, open dug wells and Himoga-an River are also the sources of water used for washing, gardening and other household uses.

Communication :

PLDT and GLOBELINES provide telephone communication service to the barangay and the whole area of Sagay, while mobile phones are offered by GLOBE telecom and SMART communication. Other types of communication include the daily papers both local and national.


Barangay Captain: MERLE Y. DEMAVIVAS
Barangay Kagawads: ARNEL A. LAUREL
Barangay Treasurer: LUNA R. CALINSAG
Barangay Secretary: MARICEL M. RAYCO