Barangay Himoga-an Baybay got its name from the word “himoga,” a Visayan term meaning washing dresses/clothes and then pressing it forcefully to drain the water. This is commonly practiced both by men and women when they wash clothes in the river.

This term “himoga” became Himoga-an as years went by and since the village is along the coastline the barangay adopted the name Himoga-an with the prefix “ Baybay” until these days.



Barangay Himoga-an Baybay is a coastal barangay and is located in the Northern part of Sagay City. It is 19 kilometers away from Poblacion of Sagay City. The barangay proper has an elevation of 10 meters above sea level per record of NAMRIA.
It is bounded on the North by Visayan Sea; on the East by Barangay Old Sagay, Sagay City; on the West by Barangay Tiglawigan, Cadiz City and on the South by Barangay Paraiso, Sagay City.


Barangay Himoga-an Baybay has a total land area of 2,264.1800 hectares. Based on the latest Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) of Sagay City for the period of 2006 to 2015. The land area of barangay are classified as follows, to wit;

Residential 16.2726 hectares
Institutional 6.0312 hectares
Light Industrial 1.8000 hectares
Agricultural 2,172.8962 hectares
Mangrove 20.0000 hectares
Parks, Open Space & Easement 47.1800 hectares

Type of Soil:

Fara-on Clay Complex and Manapla-Bago Loam


Sagay City has a tropical climate with season not very pronounced relatively dry from November to April and wet during the rest of the year.

Political Boundaries:

Barangay Himoga-an Baybay has twenty (20) puroks, namely:

1. Purok Tapon 11. Purok Docol-docol
2. Purok Masinadyahon 12. Purok Olontawo
3. Purok Pandanan 13. Purok Lawis
4. Purok Balonggay 14. Purok Hupac
5. Purok Crossing Sawmill 15. Purok Intaplan
6. Purok Sawmill 16. Purok Cubay
7. Purok Bebo Village 17. Purok Ulbuhan
8. Purok Himoga-an Proper 18. Purok Cueva (IC)
9. Purok Tuble 19. Purok Dalaquit
10. Purok Santa Maria 20. Purok Talamnan


Population: Based on the Census Population conducted by Philippine Statistic Authority (formerly NSO) Barangay Himoga-an Baybay has a total population, as follows, to wit;

Census Year Census Reference Date Population
2015 August 1, 2015 7,307
2010 May 1, 2010 7,301

Population Density:

Per computation as of latest Census Population the population density of Barangay Himoga-an Baybay is 3.23 persons/hectare or 323 persons/square kilometer.

Registered Voters:

Barangay Himoga-an Baybay has a total registered voters of 3,358, with twenty three (23) precinct numbers as of July 30, 2016 per record of Commission on Elections (COMELEC) Sagay City.


The population is predominantly Catholic interspersed with small groups or percentage of other sects.


Barangay Himoga-an Baybay celebrates its annual fiesta on three consecutive days in honor of their Patron Saint Nuestra Sra. De Salvacion every May 22, 23, & 24.


Principal dialect is Ilonggo, however, some of the populace are able to speak Cebuano, Tagalog and English Language.

Labor and Employment:

Majority of the labor force are engaged in fishing; some are sugar workers and the rest have fixed income through the exercise of their professions or as service providers.


Barangay Himoga-an Baybay is one of the rural barangay of Sagay City and located in coastal area were most of the residents are engaged in fishing, some are businessmen and some are sugar workers while others are employed in the government and private sectors. The barangay is noted for its fresh and dried fish. Its dominant crops are rice.

Record showed at NEGOSYO CENTER (One Stop Shop Office ) of Sagay City, Barangay Himoga-an Baybay has a total of seven (7) approved business license permits for the year 2016. There are five (5) Sari-Sari Stores Retailers to sell basic commodities for the needs of the residents, one (1) Smoke Fish Processor/Dealer and one (1) Furniture & Lumber Dealer.

Barangay Income and Expenditures for the Past Five years

Year Income (pesos) Expenditures (pesos)
2012 3,155,474.86 3,416,037.66
2013 3,442,231.97 3,870,625.25
2014 4,006,932.94 4,645,028.40
2015 4,540,183.80 4,709,741,81
2016 4,980,796.93 5,590,202.51

Source: Sagay City Accounting Office


Barangay Himoga-an Baybay has one (1) Public Integrated School and two (2) Public Elementary Schools. Per record of Department of Education, Division of Sagay, the total enrollees as of school year 2016-2017, are as follows, to wit;

  • Himoga-an Baybay Integrated School has a total enrollees of 1200 students. Preparatory has 70 students, Elementary level has 648 students and Secondary level has 482 students.
  • This school is located in Proper of barangay and was constructed in Lot 123 & Lot 119-C, with an area of 0.9000 hectare & 0.0611 hectare, respectively, containing a total area of 0.9661 hectare.

  • Cesar Gamboa Elementary School has a total enrollees of 288 students. Preparatory level has 23 students and Elementary level has 265 students.
  • Buenaventura Mahilum Elementary School has a total enrollees of 84 students. Preparatory level has 6 students and Elementary level has 78 students.


The Barangay has two (2) Health Centers manned by two (2) midwives with twenty nine (29) Barangay Health Workers. It has five (5) Day Care Centers for the kids and two (2) Barangay Nutrition Scholars.


There are video houses in the barangay, four (4) standard basketball courts, one covered court, four (4) standard basketball open courts scattered in various puroks for recreational and sport activities and two (2) Private Beach Resorts namely Puey Beach Resort and Pandanan Quasi Parish Beach Resort.



The local mode of transportation is by means of jeepneys, tricycles, motorcycles and pump boats.

Power Supply:

Barangay Himoga-an Baybay get their power supply through NONECO while some residents use batteries & solars for their power consumption.

Water Supply:

Residents of this barangay obtain water for consumption through Sagay Water District and the rest from deepwells and dug wells.


Telecommunications are available through cellphone, telephone and radio handsets. Newspapers and magazines are also available in commercial stores/outlets.


Barangay Captain: JOHN B. BERSOLTO
Barangay Kagawads: ALEJANDRO J. ALIMIOS
Barangay Treasurer: RHODALEE L. TUVALLES
Barangay Secretary: MAGELIA H. INFANTE
Barangay Record Keeper: LORETO C. RODRIGUEZ