Old folks say that the town derives its name Sagay from a semi-spherical shell called “sigay” which abounds in the town, many islets and shores, while are some who disagree and insist that the name came from its exact equivalent “sagay” the name of a kind of fern which grows abundantly in the coastal areas.

The recorded history of Sagay started to the 1860 era when Tenientes Francisco Rodriguez and Basilio Cordova founded a small settlement in the mouth of a river known as Bulanon River. The settlement was then called Arguelles. In due time the settlement prospered and became the town proper. Arguelles was the center of commerce and trade in the area for about ten years from the time of its founding. In 1870, the Spanish Governor ordered the transfer of the town site to a bigger and more progressive community near the sea. The place was christened “Pueblo de Magallanes, the present site of Barangay Old Sagay.

After World War II, the seat of government was transferred to the present Poblacion site (formerly Dalusan) but the barangay retained its name as Sagay with the prefix ‘’old’’ referring to the old settlement in the coastal area.



Barangay Old Sagay is located 5.5 kilometers away from the Poblacion of Sagay City and 88.4 kilometers away from City of Bacolod. The barangay proper has an elevation of 10 meters above sea level per record of NAMRIA.
It is bounded on the North by Visayan Sea; on the South by Barangay Poblacion I & Barangay Poblacion II; on the East by Barangay Taba-ao and on the West by Barangay Himoga-an Baybay & Barangay Paraiso, all of Sagay City.


It has a total land area of 1,130.3300 hectares. Based on the latest Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) of City of Sagay for the period of 2006 to 2015. The land area is classified, as follows, to wit;

Residential 107.7548 hectares
Agricultural 866.9930 hectares
Commercial 7.2000 hectares
Institutional 23.0779 hectares
Light Industrial 16.7427 hectares
Mangrove 74.0000 hectares
Parks, Open Space & Easement 34.5616 hectares

Type of Soil:



Sagay City has a tropical climate with season not very pronounced; relatively dry from November to April and wet during the rest of the year.

Political Boundaries:

Barangay Old Sagay has fifteen (15) puroks, namely:

1. Purok Yellow Bells 9. Purok Santan I
2. Purok Vanda 10. Purok Santan II
3. Purok Sampaguita 11. Purok Camantigue A
4. Purok Gumamela 12. Purok Camantigue B
5. Purok Mahogany 13. Purok Crotons
6. Purok Manzanilla A 14. Purok Crotons B
7. Purok Manzanilla B 15. Purok Bouggainvilla
8. Purok Rosas de Baybayon



Based on the Census Population conducted by Philippine Statistic Authority (formerly NSO) Barangay Old Sagay has a total population, as follows, to wit;

Census Year Census Reference Date Population
2015 August 1, 2015 13,109
2010 May 1, 2010 12,521

Population Density:

Per computation as of latest Census Population the population density of Barangay Old Sagay is 11.60 persons/hectare or 1160 persons/square kilometer.

Registered Voters:

Barangay Old Sagay has a total registered voters of 6,019, with thirty seven (37) precinct numbers as of July 30, 2016 per record of Commission on Elections (COMELEC) Sagay City.


The religion is predominantly Catholic interspersed with small
various group of religious sects such as, Evangelical, United Pentecostal, Giwu Baptist, Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints or Mormons, Apostolic Lighthouse of Jesus Christ, Seventh-Day Adventist, Apostolic of Jesus Christ, Word of Life Ministries, Universal of Christ and Mount Moriah.


Barangay Old Sagay, with an old name of “Pueblo de Magallanes” in honor of Fernando Magallanes of Spain, is one of the bustling barangays of Sagay City that owns up a fiesta which has Hispanic and religious beginning. The Patron Saint, “Saint James” the Greater is at the center of this celebration held on the every 25th day of July annually and is spearheaded by men and women of the Catholic faith.


Principal dialect in this barangay is Ilonggo, however some constituents speak Cebuano and other dialects.

Labor and Employment:

The bulk of labor force is engaged in fishing while some are sugar workers and the rest have fixed income through the exercise of their profession or belonging to the service providers.


Barangay Old Sagay is one of the urban barangay of Sagay City. It is located in a coastal area facing the 32,000 hectares Sagay Marine Reserve where Carbin, Panal and Maca are located with white sand bar made of coral rubbles. Its crystal clear water is best for swimming and snorkeling.

Other major attractions are the Beach Resorts namely ; Sunset Beach Resort, C-Chen Beach Resort, JAMAGO Beach Resort, Mangroves Beach Resort, Zanders Beach Resort, Lovers Beach Resort, Grill Haus Beach Resort, Alvarado Beach Resort and Emnace Beach Resort. In these beach resorts you can find black sands named “ Margaha” known as bulong sa sakit.

In this place you can find also the Museo sang Bata sa Negros situated near the Fedder Port of barangay. It was established to be an alternative center of learning and discovery that will enhance and stimulate the children to reach their highest potential. It is an interactive marine museum for children that aim to promote love for the sea. The exhibit focuses on the marine environment with emphasis on the importance of corals and other marine ecosystem.

It also has exhibit on international folk’s arts and toys, Philippine crafts, healthy exhibit on smoking and values education and the Joseph Galicia Marañon Library, a collection of books and memorabilia of the late Governor Joseph Galicia Marañon. It is managed by the Museo sang Bata sa Negros Foundation, Inc.
Barangay Old Sagay has one Feeder Port for inter-island vessels and fishing boats.

Record showed at NEGOSYO CENTER (One Stop Shop Office ) of Sagay City Barangay Old Sagay has a total of one hundred forty (140) approved business license permits for the year 2016. There are twenty four (24) Sari-Sari Stores Retailers, nineteen (19) Boarding Houses Services, ten (10) Internet Cafés Services, seven (7) Fish Vendors Retailers, seven (7) Carinderias Services, five (5) Beach Resorts Services, four (4) Bakeries Retailers/Processors, four (4) Water Refilling Stations Retailers, three (3) Refreshments Services, three (3) School Canteens Services, three (3) Vegetables & Spices Retailers, three (3) Photocopiers Services, two (2) Carwash Services, two (2) Hollow Blocks Making Dealers, two (2) Pharmacies Retailers, two (2) Caterings Services, two (2) Meat Shops Retailers, two (2) Feed Supplies Dealers, two (2) Ice Storage Processor/Retailer, one (1) Burger Stand Services, one (1) Groceries Retailer, one (1) School Supplies Retailer, one (1) Dormitory Services, one (1) Pension House Services, one (1) Coffee Shop Services, one (1) Squidring Processor/ Dealer, one (1) Construction Supplies Supplier, one (1) Cycle Parts dealer, one ( 1) Accessories & Slippers Retailer, one (1) Ticketing Outlet Service, one (1) Furniture Dealer, one (1) Billiard Services, one (1) Lending Services, one (1) Pawnshop Services, one (1) Pest Control Retailer, one (1) Natasha Products Direct Selling Dealer, one (1) Christian School Services, one (1) Lumber Yard Dealer, one (1) Laundry Shop Services, one (1) Gas Station Retailer, one (1) Banana Stand Retailer, one (1) Bamboo & Nipa Retailer, one (1) Chicken Joy Retailer, one (1) Footwear & Native Products Retailer, one (1) Rent A Car Services, one (1) General Contractor Services, one (1) Junkshop Services. One (1) Restaurant Services, one (1) Rice Retailer, one (1) Videoke Services, one (1) Welding Shop Services, one (1) Drivers Association Services and one (1) Fastfood Services.

Most of the people are engaged in fishing, some are businessmen and/or some are employed in the government and private sectors. Some of the prominent people have coconut and sugar cane plantation.

Barangay Income and Expenditures for the Past Five years

Year Income (pesos) Expenditures (pesos)
2012 5,101,169.56 4,681,725.47
2013 5,669,518.31 4,224,738.70
2014 6,363,130.74 6,999,942.16
2015 7,335,308.54 6,541,955.24
2016 7,955,723.55 7,085,702.96

Source: Sagay City Accounting Office


Barangay Old Sagay has two (2) Public Elementary Schools, two (2) Private Elementary Schools, One (1) Private High School, One (1) Public High School and one (1) College School. Per record of Department of Education, Division of Sagay, the total enrollees as of school year 2016-2017, are as follows, to wit;

  • Buenaventura Rodriguez Elementary School has total enrollees of 297 students. Preparatory level has 30 students and Elementary level has 267 students.
  • Old Sagay Elementary School has a total enrollees of 2,370. Preparatory level has 213 students and Elementary level has 2,157 students with fifty six (56) classrooms and sixty two (62) teachers. There are also two newly constructed two storey buildings donated by Ayala Foundation Inc. & Mitsubishi consisting of 14 classrooms with two comfort rooms.
  • Emmanuel Christian Academy Incorporated offers Preparatory, Elementary & Secondary. It has a total number of enrollees of 31 students. Preparatory level has no enrollee, Elementary level has 24 students and Secondary level has 7 students, with four (4) classrooms. This institution is managed by Giwu Baptist Church.
  • St. Therese Learning School (STLS) offers Pre-school and Elementary. It has a total enrollees of 63 students. Preparatory level has 6 students and Elementary level has 57 students, with six (6) classrooms managed by Catholic church.
  • Sagay National High School – Old Sagay Extension with 776 students with 24 classrooms.
  • Northern Negros State College of Science & Technology has a total enrollees of 5,064 students & 29 classrooms.


The Barangay has one (1) Health Center manned by two (2) registered midwives, thirty (34) Barangay Health Workers. It has seven (7) Day Care Centers for the kids and two (2) Barangay Nutrition Scholars.


There are ten (10) Internet Cafés, 1 Billiard establishment, one (1) Video services and seventeen (17) open basketball courts scattered in some puroks for recreational and sports activities.


Per record in the City Planning Development Office as of 2016 Barangay Old Sagay has two (2) Private Subdivisions, three (3) National Housing Authority Typhoon Yolanda Permanent Housing Subdivision Projects and four (4) Core Shelter Programs, to wit;

Private Subdivisions :

  • San Jose Village Homeowner’s Subdivision (SJVHOA) containing an area of development of 4.1574 hectares. This is under the Community Mortgage Program (CMP) of National Home Mortgage Finance Corporation. The beneficiaries of this Mortgage Program shall amortized the subject lots for twenty (25) years.
  • JRA Realty Corporation with a total area of 13.0000 hectares of development.

NHA Typhoon Yolanda Permanent Housing and subdivision Projects:

  • St. James Ville Subdivision containing a total area of development of 7.7170 hectares, with proposed 1,000 residential lots and 1000 units of row houses. Construction of houses were already finished and there are already 800 beneficiares availed the said program.
  • St. Joseph Village 1 and St. Joseph Village 2. The development is on-going, containing a total area of 6.1970 hectares and 6.7058 hectares, respectively, both with proposed 900 residential lots and 900 units of row houses each.

This permanent Yolanda Permanent Housing and Subdivision Projects will be provided with Road system consisting with Primary/Main Road, Secondary Road and Alleys, Drainage system and Waste Water Management Facilities, Open spaces that covers Planting Strip, Pocket Parks & Parks and Playground, 1 unit Institutional area (Elementary School), Amenities (Basketball Court, Reserved area & Community Facilities, Common Parking Area and 1 unit Guard House/Police Outpost.

Core Shelter Program:

  • GK Sinigayan Village, located at sitio Vasquez, Barangay Old Sagay, with a total development of 139 proposed houses. There are 56 houses were already constructed and awarded to qualified beneficiaries. Eighty three (83) houses are ongoing for construction.
  • Gawad Kalinga (GK), Pueblo Jose Antonio Village, located at Punta Roma, Barangay Old Sagay, with a total development of 132 proposed houses. There are 108 houses were already constructed and awarded to qualified beneficiaries.
  • These projects primarily entails the implementation of socialized housing project designed to provide a simple, decent & affordable housing to families belonging to the disadvantaged sector & underprivileged & homeless citizen. The construction of proposed houses was funded by Gawad Kalinga Community Development Foundation Incorporated and City of Sagay shall provide the location site.

  • iHOME Village, located at sitio Vasquez, Barangay Old Sagay, with a total development of thirty six (36) proposed Duplex House Units for the victims of Super Typhoon “Yolanda”. At present there are six (6) houses were constructed.
  • The iHOME Western Visayas Incorporated shall source out & provide the funds for the construction of Houses & the City of Sagay shall provide and do the site development of the residential lots needed for the said construction.

  • MDG FACES Village, located at sitio, Vasquez, Barangay Old Sagay, with an initial development of eighteen (18) houses. To date there are eleven (11) houses were constructed and awarded to nine (9) qualified beneficiaries. This was funded by the city of Sagay and the beneficiaries are free for twenty five (25) years to used the socialized housing.



Available transport vehicles are PUB, PUJ and tricycles going back and forth in this barangay. There are also trisikad and tricyles are the mode of transportation within the barangay proper. The people from Suyac and Molocaboc islands used pump boat in going to and from this barangay during market day every Tuesday.

Power Supply:

Most of the residents availed their power supply through NONECO while the rest used batteries, generators and solars for their power consumption.

Water Supply:

Majority of the residents obtains water from Sagay Water District and the rest from open well, deep well and jetmatic pumps.


There are two cell sites in the barangay the Smart and Globe. Communication are available through cellphone, telephone and radio handsets. Newspapers and magazines are available in commercial outlets/stores.


Barangay Captain: MARLON G. VASQUEZ
Barangay Kagawads: NIETO A. SAYAM
Barangay Treasurer: JUN ROSS A. KATALBAS
Barangay Secretary: ATTY. PABLO D. JUGUAN