The site of the barangay was formerly a vast area of forest trees. Later it was cultivated and became a wide sugarcane plantation called Hacienda Paraiso which was owned by the Gonzaga-Lopez families under the supervision of certain Luis Fuentebella.

Early American Baptist Missionaries came to Negros and proceeded to Fabrica sometimes on July 1907 and built up the lumber business called Insular Lumber Company (ILCO) an American Corporation originally situated at Sitio Oco along the banks of the Himoga-an River. This was followed up by occasional trips by Filipino pastors among them Eulogio and Gregoria Palma otherwise known as Tiyo Uloy and Tiya Goyang. They were subsequently joined by later conversions of Ramon Dueñas and his wife Paulina. With these two couples spearheading the preaching of the Gospel conversions became magnetic and in a short while, congregations gradually enlarged. The group then congregated at Sitio Oco, which was later renamed as “ Paraiso”, Spanish word for Paradise because it was in this place (Oco) where the early converts freely congregated in an atmosphere of peace and love and worship God according to the dictates of their conscience, serene and green, hence, they were calling the place their Paradise or PARAISO.

In the year 1932, through the representation of Mr. Marcelo Llagono as the first Barrio Delgado with the help of former mayor of the then Municipality of Sagay, Jose B. Puey, Sr., the Municipal Council passed and approved a Resolution making Hacienda Paraiso a “Barrio Paraiso” of the Municipality of Sagay, Negros Occidental.



Barangay Paraiso is located in the North Western of Sagay City. It has a distance of eight (8) kilometers away from the City Proper going to Bacolod City. The barangay proper has an elevation of 10 meters above sea level per record of NAMRIA. It is bounded on the North by Barangay Himoga-an Baybay; on the East by Barangay Old Sagay & Barangay Poblacion II; on the South by Barangay Malubon & Barangay Tadlong, all of Sagay City and on the West by Himoga-an River.


Barangay Paraiso has a total land area of 1,098.0000 hectares. Based on the latest Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) of City of Sagay for the period of 2006 to 2015. The land area are classified, as follows, to wit:

Residential 94.8683 Hectares
Socialized housing 2.0000 Hectares
Agricultural 340.3468 Hectares
Facilities/Utilities 8.6910 Hectares
Commercial 9.1600 Hectares
Institutional 10.8526 Hectares
Agro Industrial 26.0153 Hectares
Industrial (Eco Zone) 26.2492 Hectares
Light Industrial 467.0924 Hectares
Timberland 6.0000 Hectares
Parks, Open Space & Easement 106.7244 Hectares


Sagay has a tropical climate, with two (2) pronounced seasons, the wet and dry. Dry season usually starts in the middle of January towards the end of May while relatively wet during the rest of the year.

Political Boundaries:

Barangay Paraiso comprises of forty one (41) puroks namely:

1. Purok Paghidaet 21. Purok Mahinangpanon
2. Purok Kahirup 22. Purok Bayanihan
3. Purok Mahirup 23. Purok Eusebio Heights
4. Purok Lowland 24. Purok Mahimaya-on
5. Purok Greenhills 25. Purok Matawhay
6. Purok Mahidaeton 26. Purok Mapainubuson
7. Purok Holy 27. Purok Malipayon
8. Purok Santol 28. Purok Taguhangin
9. Purok Mabinuligon 29. Purok Lamac
10. Purok Commercial 30. Purok Kotkot
11. Purok Malipayon 31. Purok Malabago
12. Purok Jordan 32. Purok Yarda 1
13. Purok Universal 33. Purok Ricky (Proper)
14. Purok Riverside 34. Purok Sampaguita
15. Purok Masinulundon 35. Purok Kitahanon
16. Purok Maghirupay 36. Purok Liddy
17. Purok Sampaguita 37. Purok Tapulanga
18. Purok Little Paradise 38. Purok Orchids
19. Purok Hillside 39. Purok Mahidaeton
20. Purok Paghidaet 40. Purok Malipayon
41.Purok Mainuswagon



Based on the Census Population conducted by Philippine Statistic Authority (formerly NSO) Barangay Paraiso has a total population, as follows, to wit;

Census Year Census Reference Date Population
2015 August 1, 2015 16,741
2010 May 1, 2010 16,190

Population Density:

Per computation as of latest Census Population the population density of Barangay Paraiso is 15.25 persons/hectare or 1525 persons/square kilometer.

Registered Voters:

Barangay Paraiso has a total registered voters of 8,264, with fifty eight (58) precinct numbers as of July 30, 2016 per record of Commission on Elections (COMELEC) Sagay City.


The religion is predominantly Catholic interspersed with small various group of religious sects such as, Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints or Mormons, Evangelical and Bible Baptist.


Barangay Paraiso celebrates its annual fiesta in honor of “Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary” every October 5 to 7. This three (3) days activities is graced by various cultural presentations, like playground demonstration, street dancing parade, beauty pageant and sports festival.


Principal dialect is Ilonggo or Hiligaynon, however, the populace are able to speak Cebuano, Tagalog and English which is commonly used as business language.

Labor & Employment:

The bulk of labor force is employed both in the Sugar Mill and in the sugarcane farms, while others are engaged in various entrepreneurial activities. Those with Bachelor’s degree are in practice of their respective profession.


Barangay Paraiso is the largest and the most populous barangay of Sagay City and one of the urban barangay , this City. A great percentage of its economy comes from the sugar industry, augmented by its commercials and business establishments and other agricultural products. Agricultural crops include; sugar (main crop), coconut, rice, banana, other root crops.

Historical tourist attractions in the barangay are the following, to wit;

  • (Bagaldon Old Building) Eusebio Lopez Elementary School Building where American and Filipino soldiers were incarcerated during World War II.
  • Big- House Lopez residential home where famous Filipino politicians and other prominent dignitaries took a respite during campaign sorties/provincial visits like the former fisrt Lady of the Land, Mrs. Imelda R. Marcos.
  • Japanese Shrine, Tinago Cemetery where former surviving Japanese soldiers , their families and relatives came to visit to this hallowed place pay respect and homage to the Japanese fallen soldiers who died on this hill.
  • Veteran soldier monument located at the compound of Eusebio Lopez Integrated School in commemoration of the heroic attack of the Filipino soldiers during World War II.

The barangay has a Sugar Mill which is Sagay Central Lopez, one (1) Bank (BPI), four (4) Planters Association, Farm Leasing Company and several commercial establishments.

Record showed at NEGOSYO CENTER (One Stop Shop Office ) of Sagay City, Barangay Paraiso has a total of one hundred fifty seven (157) approved business license permits for the year 2016. There are forty two (42) Sari-Sari Stores Retailers, eight (8) Internet Café’s Services, eight (8) Bakeries Processors/Retailers, six (6) Dry Goods Retailers, six (6) Vegetables & Spices Retailers, four (4) Carinderias Services, four (4) Planters Association Services, four (4) Pawnshop Services, three (3) Water Refilling Station Retailers, three (3) Drugstore Retailers, three (3) Hardware Dealers, three (3) Videoke Services, two (2) Food Peddling Retailers/Pedllers, two (2) Dried Fish Retailers, two (2) Sugar Trading Services, two (2) Cafeterias Services, two (2) Eatery Services, two (2) Gasoline Station Retailers, two (2) Funeral Parlor Services, two (2) Feeds Supply Retailers, two (2) Labor Contractor Services, two (2) Tobacco Retailers, two (2) Meatshop Retailers, one (1) Second Hand Clothing Retailer, one (1) Hollow Block Making Dealer, one (1) Relief Goods Retailer, one (1) Beauty Products Retailer, one (1) Birthing Home Services, one (1) Bank (BPI) Services, one (1) Barbershop Services, one (1) Billiard Services, one (1) Burger Stand Retailer, one (1) Coco Grinding Services, one (1) Cooperative Services, One (1) Manpower Services, one (1) Second Hand Parts Dealer, one (1) Spareparts Dealer, one (1) Pharmacy Retailer, one (1) Feeds & Rice Retailer, one (1) Fire Cracker Dealer, one (1) Furniture & Lumber Dealer, one (1) Houseware General Merchandising Retailer, one (1) Junkshop Dealer, one (1) Medical Clinic Services, one (1) Minimart & Canteen Services, one (1) Money Remittance & Bills Payments Services, one (1) Natasha & MSE Retailer, one (1) Party Needs Retailer, one (1) Real Estate Lessor Services, one (1) Snack house & Fruit & Spices Services, one (1) Repair Shop Services, one (1) Research & Development Services, one (1) Rice Retailer, one (1) Rice, Corn, Fertilizer & Feeds Supply Retailer, one (1) Sound System Services, one (1) Ticketing Services, one (1) Growing of Sugarcane Producer, one (1) Sugarcane Manufacturer(LOPEZ Central), one (1) Digital Printing & Internet Café services, one (1) Salon Services, one (1) School supplies & Personal Care Retailer, one (1) Checherias Retailer, one (1) Social Work without accommodation Services and one (1) Rice, Groceries, cigarettes & Beers Retailers.

Barangay Income and Expenditures for the Past Five years

Year Income (pesos) Expenditures (pesos)
2012 7,720,189.44 7,748,840.93
2013 7,551,452.28 8,153,128.79
2014 8,497,304.63 8,323,358.01
2015 9,749,486.65 9,674,619.69
2016 11,275,805.72 10,329,684.88

Source: Sagay City Accounting Office


Barangay Paraiso has five (5) Public Elementary Schools, one (1) Private Elementary School and one (1) Integrated School. Per record of the Department of Education, Division of Sagay, the total enrollees as of school year 2016-2017, are as follows, to wit;

  • Josebio Gonzaga Memorial School is situated at Barangay Proper. It has a total number of enrollees of 569 students. Preparatory level has 41 students and Elementary level has 487 students.
  • Josebio Gonzaga Elementary School Extension is located at Hacienda Paraiso. It has a total number of enrollees of 230 students. Preparatory level has 15 students and Elementary level has 215 students.
  • Ricardo Gamboa Elementary School is located at Hacienda Ricky has a total number of enrollees of 639 students. Preparatory level has 59 students, Elementary level has 580 students.
  • Sir Arthur Cooper Elementary School is situated in Hacienda San Agustin. It has a total number of enrollees of 420 students. Preparatory level has 39 students and Elementary level has 381 students.
  • Raynor D. Mesa Elementary School has a total number of enrollees of 219 students. Preparatory level has 15 students and Elementary level has 204 students.
  • Holy Family School is located at Central Lopez. It has a total number of enrollees of 181 students. Preparatory level has 12 students, Elementary level has 120 students and Secondary level has 49 students.
  • Eusebio Lopez Memorial Integrated School has a total number of 2,198 students. Preparatory level has 70 students, Elementary level has 809 students and Secondary level has 1,319 students.


To provide health services to the community and equip them with knowledge and skills in maintaining simple health care practices and healthful living, Barangay Paraiso has maintained two (2) Health Stations, one (1) is government owned and the other is operated by Lopez Sugar Corporation. Lopez Sugar health clinic provides health services to the company employees and their respective dependents. The clinic is run and maintained by one Medical Doctor, a Nurse, Midwife, Dentist and other clinic personnel.

The other Health Center which is government operated is located at Barangay Paraiso proper and is manned by the following personnel:

  • two (2) Registered Nurse
  • three (3) Midwives
  • two (2) Barangay Nutrition Scholars (BNS
  • two (2) hilot/paltera>/li>
  • twenty two (22) Barangay Health Workers (BHW) assigned to different puroks.

Health services includes:

  • monthly immunization (BCG, DPT, MEASLES, POLIO) administered to 0-6 years old children
  • monthly weighing of 0-6 yrs old children and monitor monthly nutritional status
  • pre-natal and post-natal care
  • deworming
  • reach-out program
  • mother class on health and nutrition

Barangay Paraiso maintains five (5) Day Care Centers located at:

  • Brgy. Proper
  • Hda. San agustin
  • Hda. Ricky
  • Purok Masinulondon (Central Lopez)
  • Sitio Candi-is

Day care program is basically a child welfare service especially designed to provide the needy malnourished/normal pre-school children the opportunities for physical, mental and emotional development in a supervised setting. Day Care Program is supervised by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).


Barangay Paraiso has one (1) covered court and maintains four (4) open standard basketball courts scattered in some puroks for recreational and sports activities.


Per record in the City Planning Development Office as of 2015, Barangay Paraiso has three (3) on-going National Housing Authority Typhoon Yolanda Permanent Housing Subdivision Projects, to wit;

  • Paraiso Housing Project Phase 1A , containing a total area of development of 3.5005 hectares, with proposed 500 residential lots and 500 units of row houses.
  • Paraiso Housing Project Phase 1B, covering a total area of development of 3.4995 hectares, with proposed 500 residential lots and 500 units of row houses.
  • Paraiso Housing Project Phase 2, containing a total area of development of 7.0000 hectares, with proposed 1,010 residential lots and 1,010 units of row houses.

This permanent Yolanda Permanent Housing and Subdivision Projects are under the BP 220/Socialized Subdivisions and will be provided with Road system consisting with Primary/Main Road, Secondary Road and Alleys, Drainage system and Waste Water Management Facilities and Open spaces and Community Facilities.



Local mode of transportation within the barangay is by means of tricycles. There is also an availability of foot walk in every puroks that help residents commute to respective puroks with convenience. The barangay can be reached by means of buses, jeepneys and tricycles.

Power Supply:

Brgy. Paraiso get its electrical power supply from VRESCO, while the Lopez Sugar Power plant provide electrical power supply to Lopez community.

Water Supply:

Sources of water supply in the barangay comes from:

  • Sagay Water District, which provide potable water to the community
  • Central Lopez Water System, provide potable water supply to Lopez community.
  • Artesian Well
  • Fresh spring water in Sitio Candiis
  • Open dug well, estuaries and river


The PLDT provide telephone communication service to the barangay and the whole area of Sagay, while land/fixed mobile telephones are offered by GLOBE
telecom and SMART communication. Other types of communication include the daily papers both local and national.


Barangay Captain: EUFEMIO V. DORONILA
Barangay Record Keeper: LINZY Z. CARMONA