Sagay Poblacion was formerly called “Dalusan”, a local name of bamboo which abounds in the area. In 1942, when Vice-Mayor Amalio Cueva, Sr. took over the municipal leadership from Mayor Jose B. Puey, Sr., the later being appointed as Provincial Board Member of the Province of Negros Occidental, he initiated the transfer of the town proper from Old Sagay (then Old Poblacion) to its present site-Dalusan.

The transfer was made possible with the land donation for the town site by Doña Rosario Cooper and the heirs of the late Clayton Nichols. Schools, market and commercial establishments sprang up overnight and the people from nearby town and cities transferred in the area for good.

In 1972, former President Ferdinand E. Marcos issued a decree creating barangays within the Poblacion proper. Sagay Pobacion was then divided into two barangays namely: Brgy. Poblacion I and Poblacion II. The boundary line set by the Sangguniang Bayan for the division of the two barangays is the railroad line located in the center of the poblacion.The first Barangay Captain appointed by Mayor Alfredo G. Marañon, Jr. for Poblacion II was Mr. Josue S. Curiana, Sr.



Barangay Poblacion II is located 84 kilometers from Bacolod City. The barangay proper has an elevation of 33 meters above sea level per record of NAMRIA.

It is bounded on the North by Barangay Old Sagay; on the East by Poblacion I; on the South by Barangay Rizal and on the West by Barangay Malubon and Barangay Paraiso, all of Sagay City.


The total land area of Barangay Poblacion II is 1,072.0000 hectares. Based on the latest Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) of City of Sagay for the period of 2006 to 2015. The land area are classified, as follows, to wit:

Residential 261.6026 Hectares
Commercial 35.7500 Hectares
Agricultural 539.2797 Hectares
Institutional 28.1000 Hectares
Agro Industrial 4.0000 Hectares
Industrial Tree Park 80.4671 Hectares
Socialized Housing 4.0507 Hectares
Facilities/Utilities 1.0000 Hectares
Parks, Open Space & Easement 117.7499 Hectares

Type of Soil:

Fara-on Clay Complex and Manapla Loam


Sagay City has a tropical climate with season not very pronounced, relatively dry from November to April and wet during the rest of the year.

Political Boundaries:

The barangay has thirty six (36) Puroks, namely:

1. Purok Masagana 19. Purok Paho IM
2. Purok Pag-asa 20. Purok Paho II
3. Purok Sunshine 21. Purok Buntod
4. Purok Bangkusay 22. Purok Malipayon 2 (Lourdes)
5. Purok Coscolluela 23. Purok Taytay
6. Purok Tahanan 24. Purok Kalubihan
7. Purok Tanke 25. Purok Masinadyahon
8. Purok Relocation Site 26. Purok Palanas
9. Purok Rosario 27. Purok Barrack Concepcion
10. Purok San Jose Village 28. Purok Kilometrahe I
11. Purok Acacia 29. Purok St. Michael
12. Purok Malipayon 30. Purok Pilar
13. Purok Matacay 31. Purok Jison
14. Purok Claudio 32. Purok Crotons
15. Purok Martinez 33. Purok Hillside
16. Purok Saging 34. Purok Bag-ong Dalan
17. Purok High School Side 35. Purok Roadside
18. Purok Liddy 36. Purok Riverside



Based on the Census Population conducted by Philippine Statistic Authority (formerly NSO) Barangay Poblacion II has a total population, as follows, to wit;

Census Year Census Reference Date Population
2015 August 1, 2015 10,359
2010 May 1, 2010 9,813

Population Density:

Per computation as of latest Census Population the population density of Barangay Poblacion II is 9.66 persons/hectare or 966 persons/square kilometer.

Registered Voters:

Barangay Poblacion II has a total registered voters of 5,748, with thirty one (31) precinct numbers as of July 30, 2016 per record of Commission on Elections (COMELEC) Sagay City.


Majority of the residents are Catholics devotees and other Protestants churches interspersed in the barangay.


Barangay Poblacion II celebrates its annual fiesta in honor of their Patron Saint “Our Lady of Guadalupe” every 10th to 11th day of DEcember spearheaded by men and women of the Catholic faith.


Ilonggo speaking residents are predominant in the barangay. Tagalog and Cebuano dialects are also spoken while English is primarily used as business language.

Labor and Employment:

Some families are engaged in several entrepreneurial activities, from small time business up to large scale trading. Others are employed either in private or in government/ agencies.


Barangay Poblacion II is one of the rural barangay of Sagay City. It is located in the heart of the City. The economic situation in the barangay is likely well. Huge investors pouring in and big establishments sprung up. Some agricultural land has been converted into subdivisions that further strengthen its economy.

Record showed at NEGOSYO CENTER (One Stop Shop Office) of Sagay City, Barangay Poblacion II has a total of five hundred sixty three (563) approved business license permits for the year 2016. There are fifty seven (57) Fresh Fish Retailers, thirty three (33) Sari-Sari Stores Retailers, fifteen (15) Space Rental Services, fifteen (15) Carinderia’s Services, thirteen (13) Meat Retailers, fourteen (14) Lending Services, nine (9) Pawnshop Services, eight (8) Foods Retailers/Rolling, eight (8) Spices Retailers, seven (7) Bakeries Retailers/Processors, seven (7) Hardware Dealers, seven (7) Dry Goods Retailers, seven (7) Restaurants Services, , seven (7) Ticketing Services, six (6) Fruit Retailers, six (6) Financing services, six (6) Peanut Retailers/Peddler, six (6) Cellphone & Accessories Retailers, six (6) Internet Café’s Services, six (6) Videoke Services, six (6) Motorcycle Dealers, six (6) Checherias Retailers/Peddlers, six (6) Financing Services, six (6) Vegetables & Spices Retailers, five (5) Gasoline Retailers, five (5) Salon & Spa Services, five (5) Refreshment Services, five (5) Real Estate Dealers, five (5) Photocopier Services, five (5) Cooperative Services, five (5) Motor Parts Dealers, five (5) Root Crops Retailers, five (5) Feeds & Fertilizers Supply Retailers, five (5) Eatery Services, five (5) Drug Stores retailers, four (4) Dried fish Retailers, four (4) Bread Display Retailers, four (4) Burger Stand Services, four (4) Second Hand Parts Dealers, four (4) Glass & Aluminum Supply dealers, four (4) Water Refilling Suppliers, four (4) Barbeque Retailers/Rolling, four (4) Vulcanizing Shop Services, four (4) Vegetables Retailers, four (4) Rice Retailers, three (3) Educational Institution Services, three (3) Relief Goods Retailers, three (3) Native Products Retailers, three (3) Chicken Joy Rolling Stores Retailers, three (3) Catering Services, three (3) Drinks/Foods & Beverages Dealers/Retailers, three (3) Dressed Chicken Retailers, three (3) Furniture Shop Dealers, three (3) Inasal Retailers/Rolling, three (3) Sugarcane Farming Producers, three (3) Medical Clinics Services, three (3) Groceries Retailers, two (2) Beauty Skin Care Products Retailers, two (2) Banking Services, two (2) School Canteen Services, two (2) Foundation Services, two (2) Cafeterias Services, two (2) Machine Shop Services, two (2) Lodging/Pension House Services, two (2) Junkshop Dealers, two (2) Balut Retailers, two (2) Optical Clinic Services, two (2) Chemical Dealers, two (2) Fashion Accessories Retailers, two (2) Party Needs Retailers, two (2) Pizza Pie Services/Retailers, two (2) Real Estate Lessor Dealers/Services, two (2) Sea Shell Retailers, two (2) Sugar & Molasses Trading Services, two (2) Tailoring Services, two (2) Upholstery Shop Services, two (2) Money Transfer Services, two (2) Clinical Laboratory Services, two (2) Rent A Car Services, two (2) Frozen Products/Foods Retailer, two (2) Banana Stand Retailer, two (2) Apartment Rental Services, two (2) Lechon Manok Retailers, two (2) Fishpond Farming Producers, one (1) Hospital Services, one (1) Cockpit Services, one (1) Health Insurance Services, one (1) Land Developer Dealer, one (1) Calibration Services, one (1) Land Consultant Services, one (1) Puto Food Retailer, one (1) Shrimp Retailer, one (1) RTW Retailer, one (1) Money Changer Services, one (1) Foreign Exchange Services, one (1) Sportswear Services, one (1) Accessories & Caps Retailer, one (1) Sunglasses & Accessories Retailer, one (1) Fashion & Cellphone Accessories Retailer, one (1) Agrivet & Poultry Supply Retailer, one (1) Retail of Agricultural Farm Supply Dealer, one (1) Appliance Dealer, one (1) Drivers Association Services, one (1) Planters Association Services, one (1) Automotive & Heavy Equipment Dealer, one (1) Battery Shop Services, one (1) Bookkeeping Services, one (1) Cable TV Services, one (1) Pasalubong Fine Delicacies Retailer, one (1) Canteen Services, one (1) Computer Sales Software & Repair Services, one (1) Computer, Cellphone & Accessories Retailer, one (1) Construction & Supplies Dealer, one (1) Suzuki Multicab Dealer, one (1) Lopue’s Department Store Retailer, one (1) Copra Buying Dealer, one (1) Dispatcher Services, one (1) General Merchandising Retailer, one (1) Distributor Services, one (1) Engineering Services, one (1) Funeral Parlor Services, one (1) Fishing supply Retailer, one (1) Logistics Services, one (1) Hollow Blocks Factory Dealer, one (1) Homecare Products Dealer, one (1) Houseware & School Supplies Retailer, one (1) Ice Storage Retailer, one (1) Piggery Producer, one (1) Radio Station Services, one (1) Photo Processing & General Merchandising Manhattan Color Lab Services, one (1) Roofing Dealer, one (1) Social Development Foundation Services, one (1) Solar Generator Supplies Services, one (1) Studio Rentals & Music Tutorials Services, one (1) Sugar Mill-Cooperative Manufacturer, one (1) Surplus Bearing Retailer, one (1) Tire Supply & Lubricants Dealer, one (1) Tobacco & Accessories Retailer, one (1) Transloading Services, one (1) Trucking Services, one (1) Vehicle Emission Test Center Services, one (1) Woodcraft & Bamboos Retailer/Peddler, one (1) Construction & Construction Supplies Supplier, one (1) Industrial Supplies Supplier, one (1) Printing Press Supplier, one (1) Livestock Marketing Supplier, one (1) Ukay-ukay Retailer, one (1) Advertising Services, one (1) Electric Cooperative (NONECO) Services, one (1) DVD Accessories Services, one (1) Trading Hardware & Construction Supplier, one (1) Printing Press (T-Shirt) Services, one (1) Nipa Retailer, one (1) Repair of Machineries & Tools Services, one (1) Well Family Maternity Clinic Services, one (1) Photography Services, one (1) Poultry Farming Producer, one (1) Flavored Fries/Potato Corner Services, one (1) Fruits Shake Retailer, one (1) Fries & Sagu Retailer, one (1) Import, Export & Sales of Agricultural Dealer, one (1) Jewelry Retail & Repair Services, one (1) Lease of Property Hog Farming Producer, one (1) JRS Express Messengerial Services, one (1) LBC Courier Services & Money Remitance Services, one (1) Cash Padala Services, one (1) Table & Chair Rentals Services, one (1) Repair Services, one (1) Repair Shop Chainsaw Services, one (1) Steel works Repair Shop Services, one (1) Mango Shake & Pan Cake Retailer, one (1) Computer Sales & Accessories Supplier, one (1) School supplies Retailer, one (1) Farming Services, one (1) Resto Bar Services, one (1) General Merchandise & Beauty Products Retailer,one (1) Rolling Store Beer,Curls & Drinks Retailer, one (1) Hauling Services, one (1) Distribution of Animals Feeds Services, one (1) Growing of Leafy & Stem Vegetables Producer, one (1) Livestock & Poultry Raising Producer, one (1) Hookee mart Plasticware Retailer, one (1) Raw Land Leasing Buy & Sell Retailer, one (1) Cycle Parts Dealer, one (1) Handsaw Sharpening & Repair Services, one (1) Boarding House Services, one (1) Cakes & Catering Services, one (1) Agricultural Farming & Aqua Producer, one (1) Electrical Repair Shop Services, one (1) production of Food Beverages Wholesaler/Retailer, one (1) Construction Supplies Dealer/Producer and one (1) LPG Electronics & School Supplies Retailer.

Barangay Income and Expenditures for the Past Five years

Year Income (pesos) P Expenditures (pesos)
2012 4,366,190.87 3,617,324.87
2013 4,717,054.55 4,257,112.97
2014 5,752,617.19 5,757,740.31
2015 6,526,457.26 6,464,156.56
2016 7,526,324.80 7,442,079.00

Source: Sagay City, Accounting Office


Barangay Poblacion II has one (1) Public Elementary School, one (1) Public High School, one (1) College School and three (3) Private Pre-School. Per record of Department of Education, Division of Sagay, the total enrollees as of school year 2015-2016, are as follows, to wit;

  • Maria Lopez Elementary School has a total enrollees of 1,688 students. Preparatory level has 121 students and Elementary level has 1,567 students.
  • Sagay National High School has total enrollees of secondary students of 4,374.
  • MDM College (formerly Sagay Computer Institute) has a total enrollees of 178 students.
  • St. Joseph Parish Learning School has a total enrollees of 108 students. Preparatory level has 25 students and Elementary level has 83 students.
  • Hearth Stone Academy offers only Preparatory level. It has a total enrollees of 12 students.
  • Sagay Christian School offers only Preparatory level. It has a total enrollees of 16 students.


The Barangay has one (1) Health Station manned by one (1) midwife and twenty five (25) Barangay Health Workers. It has three (3) Day Care Centers for the kids and two (2) Barangay Nutrition Scholars. It has also one (1) Private Lying Inn Clinic manned by three (3) midwives.


Playing basketball is the favorite past time of some residents especially the youth. The barangay has a covered court, open basketball courts scattered in some puroks and playgrounds. The barangay has an amusement center for fighting cock aficionados. Teenagers spend their leisure time through billiards, video games and surfing the internet.


Per record in the City Planning Development Office as of 2015, Barangay Poblacion II has nine (9) Private Subdivisions and two (2) Resettlement Sites, to wit;

Private Subdivisions:

  • Manuel Coscolluela Relocation Subdivision, covering a total area of development of 2.0507 hectares with 104 saleable lots.
  • H. Jison Subdivision , covering a total area of development of 8.0539 hectares with 80 saleable lots.
  • San Jose Village (Sagay Realty), covering a total area of development of 5.3534 hectares with 146 saleable lots.
  • Alfredo Maranon, covering a total area of development of 9.0031 hectares with 273 saleable lots.
  • Mary Ann Pernas, containing a total area of development of 2.9008 hectares with 53 saleable lots.
  • San Jose Subdivision (Owner Sagay Realty Inc.), containing a total area of development of 6.7553 hectares with 145 saleable lots.
  • Saint Michael Subdivision, covering a total area of development of 4.0000 hectares with 153 saleable lots.
  • Villa Angela Subdivision, covering a total area of development of 5.0000 hectares with 252 saleable lots.
  • Villa Salvacion Subdivision, covering a total area of development of 24.0876 hectares with 1,074 saleable lots.

Resettlement Sites:

  • Barangay Poblacion II (PUV Terminal) covering a total development of 3.0000 hectares, with 81 total number of saleable lots awarded to qualified beneficiaries.
  • Barangay Poblacion II, located at Sitio Tan-ao of this barangay, containing a total development of 10.0000 hectares, with 275 total number of saleable lots and 44 awarded qualified beneficiaries.



The local mode of transportation is by means of tricycle, motorcyle and trisikad while some residents have their own service vehicles. With the help of local officials, paved roads, streets and footpaths provide residents accessible route. Passenger buses and jeepneys are also used to transport commuters with their products to adjacent barangays and cities.

Power Supply:

About 96% of the households in the barangay had been energized. NONECO is the main source of electric power supply.

Water Supply:

Sagay Water District (SWD) is the major source of potable water in the barangay. Some residents of adjacent sitios and puroks get their water from open dugwell, artesian well and deepwell.


Big telecommunication companies such as PLDT, Globe, Smart and Islacom provide telecommunication in the barangay. It lessens the burden of the transactions between business and private sectors. Hand held portable radios and daily newspapers are also being utilized.


Barangay Captain: MA. VICTORIA O. DURAN
Barangay Kagawads: JAY OYA S. UYCHIAT
Barangay Treasurer: VERGELES Q. LAUDATO
Barangay Secretary: JOSEFA D. BUENAMENTE
Barangay Record Keeper: ELOISA B. PALASOL