Carbin Reef

Carbin Reef

Carbin Reef is a 200-hectare marine sanctuary inside the 32,000-hectare protected
Seascape with its huge, tongue-shaped creamy white sandbar. Its clear water offers
The freshest option for swimming, snorkeling and picnic or just frolicking in the sand.
The sandbar is shaped by the wind and the current and it differs each year. To enjoy
The amazing underwater, you may avail of the Buhay Dagat snorkeling package.
Guest are briefed of the protected area rules and regulation in line with the sustainable
And responsible tourism thrust of the City Government of Sagay .Historically,
this is the first fish sanctuary established in 1980s. if you are a nature lover,
You will surely fall in love with Carbin Reef and can’t help but keep coming back.
prior booking is Recommended as carrying capacity is only 100 persons.


Do not take, destroy, kill and leave anything. Any person found guilty of any of the offenses
Enumerated shall be punished with fine in an amount not less than Five thousand Pesos
(P5,000.00) but not more than Five hundred thousand (P500,000.00), exclusive of the value
Of the things damage, or imprisonment of not less than one(1) year an not more than six(6)
Years, or both as determine by the court. (Sagay Marine Reserve LAW Section 15).

We advocate Sustainable and Responsible Tourism. Our carrying capacity of Carbin Reef
Is limited to 70 persons.(this is for your safety and for the environment) Hence, prior
Booking is strongly advice.

NO SLIP , NO ENTRY. Entry slip will be facilitated at the Visitors temporary counter at Old Sagay
CR- shed near the museum. Transact only to authorized personnel and to Sagay island Ferryboat
Operator’s Association.

We strictly impose garbage-in and garbage-out policy. Whatever garbage you bring including
Your cigarette butts, you must be responsible to manage and dispose of them properly .
Throwing of garbage into the sea is strictly prohibited. Plastic pollution pose threat to
Our marine life.

On snorkeling & diving, no touch policy on any marine life is enforced. Strictly no stepping
On corals. It takes year for a centimeter of coral to grow. Maximum of 15 person are allowed
To snorkel at a time Snorkel only within the marker. Do not feed the fish. Do not stir the
Sediments. No fish feeding.

Please leave behind any shells, corals, starfish, and other wildlife you may see in Carbin Reef.
Do not get marine life- dead or alive. “Don’t take anything but pictures, Don’t leave anything
But footprints.”

Please ensure the safety of your companion especially the kids.

Burning on the sand is not allowed. Grilling area is in the place at the sand bar.

For your safety, all boat rental rates including life vests. Please don’t depart from the port without it.
It should be worn during boat travel at all times. For those using their own private boat, please
Secure entry slip. Passengers are required to use life vest during boat travel.
Is recommended to use sun-friendly lotion.
Participate in marine conservation activities. Let’s help keep our sea clean and alive!

Incase of emergency, please contact:
SMR Bantay Dagat head Mr. Vip Cueva 09993182837
Sagay Rescue Atom : 09192593489

General Admission P 50.00
SMR Environmental P 40.00
Port Fee P 10.00
Total: P 100.00
PWD/Senior Citizen(20% Discount) P 72.00 + P 10.00 = P 82.00
Children (Age 12 years and below) P 30.00 + P 10.00 = P 40.00

RESIDENTS: (To avail must present Community Tas Certifacate )
General Admission FREE
SMR Environmental Fee P 20.00
Port Fee P 10.00
Total P 30.00

PWD/Senior and Children are FREE except for the Port Fee

Shed-Single Tent P 300.00
Shed-Double tent P 500.00
1-10 persons P 1,200.00 (Carbin Reef only)
11-15 persons P 1,500.00

NOTE: All boat rates are inclusive of lifevest. transact only to the members of Sagay
Island Ferryboat Operator’s Association. please observe rsponsible travel. rates subject
to change without prior notice.

For booking, please contact Sagay City Information & Tourism Office
034-488-0649 or email us at