Museo sang Bata sa Negros

This interesting whale-shaped builbing located at Brgy. Old Sagay facing the 32,000-hectare pro-located seascape, Sagay Marine Rserve, is the first hands-on and children’s interactive museum outside metro manila aim to promote the of the sea.The exhibit at the first floor focuses on the marine environment with emphasis on the importance of marine eco-system and its also has an exhibit on internatiol folk arts and toys, Philippine crafts, health exhibit on smoking and values education. It also houses the Joseph Galicia Marañon Library, a collection of books and memorabilia of the late Governor JOseph G. Marañon. Among its program are; Marine bBio-diversity Conservation and Climate Change Education Program, sponsor a Museum visit, Junior Museum Guide, adlaw sang Kabataan, Marine Camp for kids, Art and Recycling workshop, interactive storytelling, Elementary Science Teachers Training among others.

The museum is being managed by the Museo sang Bata sa Negros Foundation. It is strongly recommended to stop over here before going to other nature-based destinations.

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