Issuance of Building Permit


About the Service

Fences to be constructed, altered, repaired, moved, converted or demolished must obtain a Fencing Permit from the Building Official.

How to avail of the service and Time frame of Issuance

Follow These Steps
It Will Take You Please Approach
1 Secure Checklist of Requirements Provide checklist and give instructions 1 min. -Aldemar D. Tupas
-Heirene C. Gempasao
-Mary Ann A. Obidas
-Rizalie B. Dacules
2 Submit corresponding plans and requirements as per checklist with filled up permit forms and supporting documents Check completeness of documents attached 2 mins. -Aldemar D.Tupas
-Heirene C.Gempasao
-Mary Ann A.Obidas
-Rizalie B.Dacules
Evaluation, assessment of Fees and signature of every section head 20 mins. Charlie S. Hinolan
Line & grade
Siena Lane Tanguan
Charry C. Cangque
Rowena Briones-Lobaton
3 Payment of assessed fees to City Treasurer’s Office CTO collects payment and issue OR N/A -City Treasurer’s office personnel
4 Submit Official Receipt -Acting Building Official signs and approves the permit
-Record and release plans, documents and retain an office file
5 mins. -Aldemar D. Tupas
-Heirene C. Gempasao
-Mary Ann A. Obidas
-Rizalie B. Dacules


Documentary Requirements

When applying for a building permit, submit Four (4) sets of the following:

  1. Application Forms (Duly Accomplished)
  2. Owner’s proof of Lot Ownership
    1. Tax Declaration ( From Assessor’s Office)
    2. Land Tax Receipt ( current)
    3. Lot plan (signed and sealed by Geodetic Engineer) with attached Surveyor’s Certification
    4. Any of the following applicable:
      1. Lot Title
      2. Transfer of Certificate of Title
      3. Deed of Absolute Sale
      4. Contract to Sale ( with attached Lot Title of previous owner)
      5. Authorization to Construct (Notarized) and Lot Title of the previous owner
      6. For Barangay Site/Lot : Authorization to construct (notarized) signed by the Brgy. Captain or Certification from Mayor
      7. For Relocation Site : Certification of Award from the City Planning Office @ 2nd floor of City Hall
  3. Working Drawings (signed and sealed by duly licensed Architect or Civil engineer, Sanitary Engineer, Master Plumber , Professional Mechanical Engineer and Professional Electrical Engineer with their attached valid Prc ID, PTR and TIN).
  4. General Specification and Bill of Materials and Estimates (signed and sealed by duly licensed Architect / Civil Engineer and signed by the Lot owner or Applicant)
  5. Other Requirements (if applicable)
    1. For Construction along the National Highway: – DPWH Clearance from the DPWH, Matab-ang , Talisay City, Neg. Occ.



Pursuant to Section 203, Subsection (4) of the P.D. 1096 which authorized the Secretary of the Department of Public Works and Highways to prescribe and fix the amount of fees and other charges that the Building Official may collect in connection with the performance of its regulatory functions, the attached Schedule of Building Permit Fees and other charges is hereby promulgated to form part of the Revised Implementing Rules and Regulations of P.D. 1096, otherwise known as the National Building Code of the Philippines.
See Building Permit New Schedule of Fees and other Charges for the assessment of Fees for the structural and other fees.

Fencing Fees


Made of masonry, metal, concerete up to 1.80 meters in height per lineal meter or fraction thereof



In excess of 1.80 meters in height, per lineal meter or fraction thereof



Made of indigenous materials, barbed, chicken or hog wires, per lineal meter