Other Areas for Lakbay Aral

Other Areas for Lakbay Aral

Sagay City Material Recovery Facility is located in Barangay Rizal. It is a joint project of
Japan international Cooperation Agency (JICA) and Sagay City LGU. It has facilities to
Process bio-degradable waste are being shredded and used as fertilizer by different
Barangays .
Non-biodegradable materials are being made into recycled products for sale.

Sagay City Sheep Farm is located at Sitio Ricky, Brgy. Paraiso. We have total population
Of 453 heads at the farm from the Province of Negros Occidental for dispersal to
Qualified beneficiaries.

Sagay City Final Waste Disposal Facility , a two hectare sanitary land fill assisted by JICA at
Brgy. Paraiso is a milestone endeavor in the line with solid waste management of Sagay
City. This facility conforms to the require establishment and operating criteria prescribed by

R.A. 003

Sagay City Abattoir Sagay City is one of the very few LGUs with the state-of-the-art

Triple A abattoir with meat processing capability and cold storage. It has a capacity
To slaughter 120pigs per hour it is located in Sitio Rick, Brgy Paraiso near the Northern
Negros Economic Processing Zone and Is expected to serve the nearby cities and municipalities
Of Negros occidental.

Sagay City Dairy Farm is one of the most sought after destinations of our city especially to school
Children from other municipalities and cities and also LGUs. It has now 136 cows with 36 milk line
Each providing a average of 14liters per day. The processed milk feeds malnourished children
From the different barangay of the city while some are also sold at Balay kauswagan.