welcome to sagay city

Malpayon nga pag-abot sa Siudad sang Sagay !!!
welcome to Sagay City!


Our fast-growing city is on its way in fulfilling
its goal towards sustainable progress and has taken by heart
its advocacy on environmental protection and conservation
programs to preserve its natural heritage as a legacy to the
next generation.

We are blessed with dedicated leaders and people
United and inspired to work together in building a peaceful,
Resilient and dynamic city.

Sagay City has embraced its new eco-tourism branding,
“ Sagay City: where love for nature begins,” as we invite tourist
To come and be awed with nature and have a life-changing exper-
ence. It has also become a preferred “Lakbay Aral” site for many
LGUs and students due to its projects which are worth learning and

As we gradually implement our sustainable Tourism Master
Plan, we have establish our first eco-tourism loop: Museo Sang Bata
Sa Negros, Suyac Island Mangrove Eco-Park and Carbin Reef. We have
Also organizes the community-based eco-tourism stakeholders become
Entrepreneurs, affording them opportunity to wealth generation to
And to become protectors of the environment as well.

The Himoga-an eco-Cultural Loop and vito molocaboc Eco-Cultural
Loop are now pipeline. These will provide move options and enjoyable
Learning experience in the coming years.

For LGUs scouting for “lakbay-aral” destination for prospective
Investors, students and tourist, make it Sagay City! Our projects are
Solid testimony of a strong political will showcasing worth while
Government programs geared towards progress and development .
We have government projects conductive and ready for trade,
Commerce and industry while the whole city is generally peaceful
And our people are enthusiastic and anticipating for new investors.